Hit The Road Or Trail With The Best Hybrid Bicycles

In today’s times it is very important to exercise and stay in shape to help keep your immune system strong where your body will fight off infections. There are many ways in which you can achieve this and bicycling is one of them. If you enjoy trail riding and riding on the road then the Hybrid Bicycles may be the ideal bike for you.

Your body is already designed to help fight off infections while you are young but you must also do your part to help give it an even more boost. This is especially important as you get older as your immune system gets weaker and does not fight off infections as well.

We all must think about our health for sure and yes it is very difficult to make ourselves exercise and stay fit and strong. Well you know that when I was in my prime it was great to get outdoors and stay active, and riding my bike was part of that great fun. Unfortunately that goes away for most of us since family and work come first and time becomes a factor.

I will say though that there are many who have never given up on their exercising activities and work them in with they’re busy schedules, which is awesome.

My Bicycle Experiences Growing Up

You know back in the day when I was a growing up the bicycle type did not cross my mind and I was just tickled to piece one together to have a bike. Yes, you heard that right (piece one together) as I had hand-me-downs given to me that was already worn out.

I guess you could say my cousins and I taught ourselves a lot as we would take two or three and make one that we could ride. Those days sure were a lot of fun and you learn how to do things as you grow which was awesome. We did get a bit inventive at times though and make some funky looking bikes.

I actually bought my first bicycle when I turned 15 and got a summer job and I rode it everywhere. It was my transportation to and from work and anywhere I went. This bicycle was a ten speed, which during that time I think was the highest gear speed you could buy.

As I grew older I still rode this bike to work every day, and when football practice started in the summer I rode it to work and to practice after work. It was a couple of miles to work then 5 miles to practice, then I would practice, and then ride back home so I can for sure say I was in great shape during those days.

Does Bicycle Types Matter?

You know as I think about it today that was a ten speed road bike not intended for trail riding. Did I think about it then? No, in fact I rode it through the woods, trails, and even on rail road tracks. That for sure was one tough bike is all I can say about it now but it was most defiantly not intended for both the road and trail.

Bicycle types do indeed matter and as a child you do not think of the purpose for the bike because it really doesn’t matter as long as you have one. It was a wonder that I did not get hurt during my growing up days but that could be with anyone as we will try anything growing up.

I didn’t know it then but I do now that like with anything there is a purpose for it and sometime we do not use it for the purpose intended.

Now with that said I will focus on a hybrid style bicycle and it purpose which of course is going to be either for trail riding or riding on the road.

Things To Think About Before Buying

Ask yourself these questions; what am I looking for in a bike? Why do I need it or the purpose for it? Where will I be riding it on the streets or off road on trails? Do I plan on riding with others? These are just a few questions and you may think of more but they are things to consider before buying.

I know that if you have been in any sporting good stores you know why I would say this. There are so many types to choose from and can get very confusion. I recommend reviewing the type you think you are looking for before purchasing.

If you ride with other people then you would want to choose a bike like what they ride or similar. You do not want to buy a hybrid bike if you are riding on the streets with others. The same for the street bike because you do not want a street bike to ride on the trails. For sure if you race on mountain trails, or on roads, or racing tracks you actually need a bike designed exactly for that purpose.

There are a wide range of bicycle types and each are designed different along with different styles, weights, suspensions, seats, handle bars, and tires, just to name a few.

The street bike or road bikes are designed for the road for casual riding and some mainly designed for racing and have narrow smooth tires and light weight for speed. The mountain bikes have a heavier frame and wider rigid tires for traction, and have great suspension on front and rear.

If you are looking for the best mountain bike or racing bikes just remember that these are very expensive bikes and unless you are actually using it for racing then there are cheaper bikes to choose from.

Hybrid Bicycles

The hybrid may just be the perfect bicycle for you are anyone riding with you as it is designed for on and off road. This type bike is also great for beginners and children as there are several sizes to choose from.

Just remember that with the hybrid bike you will lose some of the speed that a street bike has. You still need to be careful on the type trails you will be riding on. The reason is that the hybrid is not designed for the rough rugged trails like the moutain bike.

The hybrid does come with great suspension like the mountain bike, and the tires are smoother and a little narrower than the mountain bike but wider than the street bike.

The hybrid bikes are designed with stability, upright seating, light weight, great suspension, and straight handle bars to make your ride even more comfortable. it is also great for cyclist and casual riders, ideal for commuters and for children. You also have the capability to mount racks and bags for carrying supplies if needed.

These bikes are less expensive than the mountain and street racing bikes and will vary in prices. However, if you are considering a hybrid then one of the top brands to look at would be the Trek gravity FSX 1.0 dual full suspension mountain bike. This brand bike is rated as one of the top in the world for their mountain and road bikes, and there hybrid has a lot of the same features as the mountain bike and also rated as one of the best.


In this article I have brought up the importance of staying in shape and keeping your immune system built up to help fight off infections. There are many ways in which you can maintain a good health body but in this article I decided I would focus somewhat on bicycles and mainly the hybrid bicycle.

There are people all over the world that ride bikes and much more that do not than what do. It would be great if we all took a little time and did some type of exercise to stat fit.

As for the bicycle type there are many more designs other than the mountain bike, road bike, and hybrid bike but they all appear to be similar in many areas.

The reason I chose to talk a little more about the hybrid is that it is designed for both on an off road. It is great for causal riding, group riding, riding regular trails off road (not rugged mountain bike trails), and also great for riding on streets. This is an ideal bike for family riding and to keep you physically fit while doing so.

Bobby D. Sandlin


Why Is Workout Clothing Just As Important As The Workout Itself?

Workout Clothing

What are your thoughts in regard to exercise clothing? The first impression might be that they are too expensive but for the purpose are they? The second might be that sports manufactures developed the workout clothing as a ploy to get people to spend more money.

Well, I guess both are correct and you could think of a lot of reason but in reality, they are designed for a purpose. They are designed specifically for the workout where you can get a great workout by allowing you more flexibility. The exercise clothing is as important as the workout itself.

Type Of Clothing

You would want to pick clothing that is not too tight or too loose. The reason being that as you proceed with your workout the tight clothing would become uncomfortable riding up and sticking to you. Clothing that is too loose would tend to get in the way of your workout and could also get caught on any equipment that you are working out with.

First you should think about the type of workouts you are going to be doing and the area in which you will be working out. If you are going to do your work-out outside then you will need to choose the clothing according to the weather you are working out in. The same would go for inside workouts such as a GYM where the clothing would need to be cooler.

There are many designs and brands of exercise clothing to choose from. Some will fit different than others and you would need to decide the design and brand best for you. Deciding the design styles of each brand and fit is particularly  important in your workout.

You for sure do not want any distractions from clothing keeping you from getting a great workout. You should choose clothing that will help keep you comfortable and keep you dry as possible.

Look for clothing made from material that will dry quickly. Materials such as synthetic and wool are materials that will help keep you cool, dry, and reduce odor. According to MedlinePlus “look for terms like moisture-wicking, Dri-fit, Coolmax, or Supplex” in your selection.

Work Out Location And Fit

The workout location plays a major role in your clothing decisions. If you plan on doing your work-out outdoors, then think about the type clothing you plan on wearing and factor in the weather as well.

You for sure do not want to get out in the heat working out and get to hot because it is extremely dangerous. Also think about the cold weather where you may have to wear warmer clothing to help protect yourself from the cold.

If you are going to do your workout indoors think about the temperature inside and determine what clothing would be best for your exercise. You do not want to over dress as it could affect you work out from getting too hot.

The intensity of your work out will play a huge factor in the clothing you wear regardless of indoors, outdoors, or the temperature of the weather.


Shoes are just as important as the clothing and the type of workout you are planning. There are shoes designed for all sporting events and exercise is no exception. There are shoes for walking, running, yoga, biking, hiking, baseball, soccer and more.

Fit is very important in the shoes you choose and they can make your exercise very unpleasant. Plus, the wrong size fit can create you other problems such as feet, ankle, legs, knees, and back pain.


As you can see it is very importing in wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes for the exercise. Both play a major role in you exercise and very important that you choose the correct size to support your health.

Naturally the wrong size can be very uncomfortable and limit your workout and can also be unsafe for you and your health.

Bobby D. Sandlin


The Rowing Machine For Awesome Exercise And Great Benefits

Exercise Daily

No one likes to hear this word “EXERCISE”. Why do you think that is? We all know why don’t we? It is called “WORK” and “PAIN” and requires time away from other things you would rather be doing. Who in their right mind would won’t to get involved in hard work and put their body in pain? I for one don’t but I have to keep my physical health in mind and I believe the “Rowing Machine” is the perfect workout machine for me.

Even though it is work and painful when working out we must do some type of exercise to keep us on the go. Sitting around and never exercising is sure not good for anyone. Why do you think that is? You become lazy, a “couch potato”, plus you start eating all the time because you are bored. Okay, now let’s put all this together and the results will be that you become extremely lazy, gain a lot of weight, and become very unhealthy, “NOT GOOD”.

I know that some people have no problems with any type exercise and workout all the time and continue to stay in shape. I know that there are those who could exercise but are too lazy to lift a finger. I know that many people have medical problems that limit them with a lot of exercise so they choose to do none. Then there are a lot of older people that cannot do some exercises due to medical reasons so they choose not to do any.

Rowing Machine

If you are looking for a full body workout then the rowing machine might just be the solution for you. While doing some research I have found one machine that might just be the perfect machine for anyone, which of course would be the “rowing machine”. Some models even suggest that they are almost like being outdoors rowing an actual boat, sound like fun to me.

The rowing machine will provide an idea workout for anyone, and yes it will require work, and yes you will be sore and hurt but you will get better, gain muscle, and get healthier.

You might ask why do I need a rowing machine if I can ride a bicycle, row an actual boat, or work out with other equipment. The answer to that would be if you are able to do all of those then a rowing machine may not be for you. That of course is if you have the time to add all these other exercises in your daily schedule.

You may not have access to a gym with all types of workout equipment. Or you may not have time to get out and ride a bike, or go to a lake and row a boat. Weather is another factor that you have to add into your daily routine which could interrupt your daily scheduled workout.

The rowing machine can be yours in your own home where you could workout at any given time. You don’t have to worry about going to a gym, or the weather, or working it into your schedule other than your home schedule.

Type of Rowing Machines

There are many different types and models of rowing machines on the market that may be better for you than what I suggest below and you will need to take the time and review what may be perfect for your needs. For sure, you are looking for a machine that will provide you with a great workout and help you lose weight, gain muscle, and get in better shape.

Keep in mind that there are fixed models that you can place where you would like for it to stay, then there are those that are folding and you can put away when not using it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different models have different designs. Some are designed to have the resistance from water, flywheel, hydraulic, or magnetic resistance.

There are several top rated models on the market such as the “Hydrow” and the “Nordictrack RW200” but come with a hefty price. Then there are a few others to consider which are the “Concept2 Model D”, “Lifespan fitness RW1000”, and the “Stamina Air Rower”. These models a less in price than the Hydrow and the Nordictract and offer an awesome workout as well.

Rowing Machine Benefits

I know it is a hard choice to make yourself workout and exercise every day, or even every other day but it is very important to make it a habit.

A rowing machine will help you burn calories and lose weight while you enjoy it at the same time. The amount of calories and weight that you would like to lose is totally up to you. You will set your own goal on how many calories you would like to burn and how much weight you would like to lose.

This type workout machine is idea for a Cardiovascular workout. You could walk, run, are do any type of exercise every day for Cardiovascular health, or you could get the same effects with the rowing machine.

Depending on your workout with this machine you can get a full body workout which would be awesome and is part of the burning calories and losing weight process.

This machine also rules out the rough terrain impacts you get from riding a bicycle and running and helps your feet, ankles, legs, knees, and back from all the beatings which is another added benefit.

Over time you will benefit from this machine by build up your strength, build muscle, and stamina.

This machine is idea for most, and great for anyone that has health problems that keep them from other type exercises. You will build your body up to have more strength and overall balance.


For your own benefit it is recommended that you maintain a good health diet and get daily exercise. The rowing machine is the idea exercise that will help you maintain your daily exercises.

If you are concerned about you health you need to give some thought into this type workout and it is designed where most people can use it.

Working out is not easy and it is very difficult to make youself get up and start but once you do and make it a habit every day you will get to where enjoy it.

Consider adding the rowing machine into your daily life and start exercising every day where you can burn calories, lose weight, get a good Cardiovascular workout, build upper and lower body muscle, strength, and endurance.

Stay healthy

Bobby D. Sandlin


Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoe Review – The Healthy Walking Shoe

  1. Product: Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoes
  2. Price: $155.00 (Amazon)
  3. Men Size: 8 – 15 Varies in width size
  4. Women Size: 6 – 11 width size up to x-wide
  5. Guarantee: 30 day home try on, manufactures warranty
  6. My Rating: 9 out of 10
Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk Review – The Healthy Walking Shoe

The “G-Defy Mighty Walk Shoe” is one of the top brand walking shoes that will provide the support you need for all type health problems, such as; heel pain, foot pain, and plantar fasciitis. This shoe is designed for both men and women with feet problems which in return also helps other parts of the body.

The gravity defyer shoes have been “clinically proven to relieve pain” in other parts of the body. Based off of information provided from gravity defyer Medical Technology Corporation this shoe has the following pain relief rating. “85% less knee pain, 91% less back pain, 92% less ankle pain, 75% less foot pain”. Both men and women Mighty Walk Shoes are designed to help Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, and Diabetic feet.


This shoe is specially designed to help reduce harmful impacts with the VersoShock Technology. This Technology provides the shoes with a patented spring system which in tern absorbs ground impact with you body.

The shoe has a supporting linear, stabilizing guard, seamless interior to support tendons from stress.

In general this shoe is designed to provide the customer with support, comfort, and alignment of the body. It is designed specifically for plantar fasciitis to remove stress, strain, motion control, and impact.

The shoes are design for people with arthritis feet and diabetic feet which reduces pressure on the toes and helps to improve circulation within the toes and arches. The shoe also helps to prevent injuries for people with diabetic feet.

There are other related diabetic problems that this shoe helps with, such as; sensitive feet, swollen feet, nerve pain, neuroma, ulcers, bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, foot, knee, ankle pain, and back pain.


Based off of research from the company’s proven testing and overall company review this is a very well designed shoe. The shoe provides support to critical areas of the foot which provides an overall general support to the feet, ankles, legs, knees, and back.

Also, in reading customer reviews I find that out of 945 customers there is a 68% 5 star rating and the other 4 ratings are close to even in the percentages. My rating is at 9 out of 10 based off of these factors.

I hope you enjoy this review and based off of my research this appears to be a very well designed sporting shoe. Would I order this shoe for myself after my review? Yes, most defiantly and will be when I purchase my next pair of sport shoes.

Bobby D. Sandlin


The Importance Of Wearing The Proper Sporting Shoes For Walking And Running

There are many different sporting activities that require different types of sporting shoes. In this article I am going to focus on walking and running shoes, and the benefits of proper sporting shoes.

What role does your shoes play in your daily walking or running exercise? Does it really matter what type of shoes you wear when walking or running? What affects do you think could result from not wearing the proper shoes for the sport?

Results From Improper Shoe

According to the foot and ankle institute “your feet are the foundation of your body” and you should always protect them. Regardless the activity you are engaged in you should make sure you have the appropriate shoes. Most importantly is that you do not need to do anything to cause body injuries.

Take for instance; walking or running you should always be wearing the proper shoes for these exercises. The same would be for any other sporting activities but as stated previously we will focus solely on sport shoes for walking and running.

Improper shoes for either walking or running can and will create health problems with your feet, ankles, and other parts of the body. Problems such as; “hammertoes, blisters, bunions, corns, calluses, heel spurs, mallet toes, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, and athlete’s, foot” according to Everyday Health.

Other symptoms caused by improper footwear would be heel pain, ankle pain, leg pain, knee pain, and lower back pain.

Regardless of the affects caused by improper shoes most can be avoided by choosing the correct shoes for the sport so don’t take chances.


Think about what you want most from a sport shoe when making your choice. Remember that you need to choose a shoe that fits correctly and is designed for walking.

This type shoe will allow your feet and ankles to function correctly relieaving pressure to other body parts that would otherwise overcompensate and lead to bodily injuries.

If the shoe is too loose or too tight it will affect you’re walking and create problems. This would also limit your walking distance, the speed you normally walk, and your endurance.


Running shoes are designed for running and take a lot of rough treatment. These shoes can provide you support and minimize the shock of the run. If you choose a shoe that is not supporting and intended for running can cause bodily injury at some point.

You must make sure that the shoe is designed to have flexibility, firm cushion, and supporting arch. The shoe should have plenty of toe length and width to allow for movement, but not to much movement.

Tying your shoes are also important and you need to be sure they are not too tight or too loose, making sure they are comfortable on your feet.

Shoe Choices

There are many shoe manufacturers that provide quality shoes for both walking and running. Many also provide a crossover design for both walking and running. I would consider the crossover but keep in mind that if you are walking or running every day it may be best to pick a different shoe for each.

It is your choice when choosing shoes and you need to take in consideration what your body will endure during these daily exercises. Make sure you pick a shoe that will help support your feet and ankles relieving pressure to other parts of your body. If you have a poor quality shoe during walking or running may result in health problems with feet, ankles, legs, knees, and back.

Note that many shoe outlets provide help with getting you fit with a correct shoe size regardless the type of shoe and I recommend taking advantage of this service. Naturally you would try the shoe on but If at all possible put the shoes on and walk around with them to make sure they are perfect for your feet. You do not need any that will create problems for you later on.


Like anything else nothing is designed to last forever and sporting shoes and gear take extreme abuse and require replacement much sooner than a lot of other items.

Shoe replacement is just as important as purchasing the proper shoe because shoes do get a lot of wear and tear on them and they are only rated for so many miles and still have the proper foot support.

Walking and running shoes are designed to last approximately 6 months and still be affective. The shoes are designed to hold up for 350 to 400 miles which would average out to be around 6 months.

Depending on how often you walk or run is the deciding factor on when a shoe should be replaced. It may be sooner than 6 months or it may be more than 6 months and that adjustment is up to the person and the amount of exercise on the shoes.

Just remember that walking and running shoes will wear much quicker than an average shoe that you wear for everyday use. Exercise shoes are put through a lot more rugged and rough terrain, along with excessive weight due to fast walking and hard running, plus you have to take in account of the weather change as well.


In this article I have covered the importance of proper shoe wear for the sport which happens to focus on walking and running. What to look for in a shoe for each activity and to be sure the shoe fits properly.

I have talked about what role the shoes play in your daily exercise along with the affects that could result from the wrong type shoe which can cause damage to your body in many ways.

Shoe replacement is very important as shoes are not designed to last for years, especially sport shoes. These will break down quick due to the pounding abuse from the beating they take while walking and running constantly.

Remember that it is your body and you should always take into consideration how you treat it and take care of yourself.

Bobby D. Sandlin