Daily Exercise – Are You Getting Enough?

Home Bound

Today many people are stuck at home for one reason are another, and for the last few months a lot of it is due to the COVID-19 Virus. This virus has caused many business to close, hopefully temporary only. It has also put many out of jobs including the business owners.

None of this is good for anyone but everyone does need to stay physically fit by getting their “Daily Exercise” to help fight off this virus, plus to help keep you healthy. Prior to this deadly virus many people made it a point to go to a gym to work out, or was a member of a fitness facility. Due to this virus all have closed for distancing reasons to reduce the spread of the virus and help get it under control.

This is definitely not a time that anyone is happy with but one thing for sure is that everyone does need to stay in shape and now more than ever. Many are stuck at home by Government orders, or lose of jobs, or many that are still fortunate like myself get to work from home.

Maintain Physical Fitness

Regardless the reason of being at home you still need to maintain a good healthy diet and physical fitness. Maybe you are not completely home bound and are able to walk or run in the outdoors around your home and if so that is great. Could be that you do not have this access and are refined to your home and if that be the case then consider other exercises.

You may consider doing push ups, setups, stretching, or “YES” even dancing. Maybe you have exercise videos that will provide a lot of exercise, especially trying to keep up with them. Could be that you are setup with your own home GYM and have everything you need and if so that is great and you are already a step ahead of many.

I personally have a treadmill that I walk every day to get in a good Cardio workout. I have an AB lounge as well that will provide a good workout especially for your abs, back, and stomach, and it is much easier on my back than doing basic setup. I had other equipment in the past but donated to goodwill due to not using very often. Hopefully someone else benefited from the donated equipment.

If you have the room for any type workout equipment I recommend it for a good cardio workout, and for a full body workout. The ones I have shown are just a few as their are many types of work out equipment that may be better for you. Regardless, it is very important to stay on a good diet and to stay physically fit.

Bobby D. Sandlin


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