Helmet Choices For Cycling On Or Off Road

Do you have the perfect bicycle helmet for your bicycling event? Did you know that each type of bicycling activity will require a different type of helmet?

Cycling is an awesome activity and provides you a great workout and helps keep you fit. Cycling is also dangerous and at some point you will have an accident.

Helmet Safety

Think about riding your bicycle without a helmet for a moment. Ok, do you have that picture image in your head?

You are riding alone on a bike trail through the woods moving rapidly through your path and you hit a hole in the trail your bicycle goes one way and you go another.

The trail is full of trees and you hit a tree head first, can you picture it? Now, lucky for you you did not get hurt this time, but what if you did? Just think how bad you could be hurt and possibly spending months in a hospital from a head trauma.

I wanted to put that picture in your mind. Why you might ask? Well, years back when I was a child, and I am talking the 60’s, bicycle helmet safety was not important, are I do not ever remember it being.

When I was growing up my parents did not have much but we lived in the country among a lot of family and no one had bicycle helmets that I can remember. Maybe they did in other parts of the country but I was young and don’t remember and for sure didn’t care as a child.

I did about the same with my children not thinking about they’re safety and they did not get one either. The thought of importance just wasn’t present to me during those times.

Knowing what I know now you can bet my children would have had a helmet. I have heard about and seen first-hand what head injuries are all about which is not good. A bump is one thing but brain injury is another and no one needs to have an accident without a helmet on their head.

Bike Helmet choices

Bike helmets are just as important as the bicycle where both go hand and hand. Regardless of how you ride, whether it be for pleasure, commute, exercise, trails, compete in mountain bike racing, or compete in road bike racing you should always wear a bike helmet.

Keep in mind when purchasing a bicycle that you will need to purchase a helmet at the same time, or at least before you ride your bike.

When purchasing a bicycle helmet there a many factors to consider. First off there are a lot to choose from, many shapes, different styles, different features, and specialty features.

Things to consider

* The style

* The shape

* Ventilation

* Causal riding bike helmet

* Mountain racing bike helmet

* Street racing bike helmet

* Trail and street bike helmet

Helmet Fit And Replacement

Once you have made a choice on what you are looking for in a helmet than the first thing to do is try it on. There are many shapes and sizes and people’s heads are also shaped differently.

You want the helmet to fit your head perfectly, and you want the helmet to be comfortable or you will not be happy with it, and it could hurt you more than it would help.

Make sure it fits your head where it has contact all around. The straps are very important as you want them to feel comfortable when tight. The straps should be tight enough to keep the helmet at minimal movement to protect your head.

Replacing your helmet is very important as well. you should always replace it if you have an accident and hit your head. The reason is that a helmet can be damaged inside the foam and inner part that protect your head and may not be noticeable, and even if they were you still need to replace it.

Helmet Styles

Naturally the helmet style is going to be your first thought, however that is not what is most important. You can choose one with style but you want to be sure it will provide the protection you need in your bicycling adventure.

There are three main designed helmets to decide from making sure you pick the correct type. One is the helmet for riding on the roads, one is the mountain bike helmet for mountain trails, and the other is the commuter bike helmet.

All helmets sold will meet all safety standards in th US. Among these three you will find several shapes, sizes, and specialty designs, and some with additional safe features. Naturally the cost will be more if you purchase one with more features.

Here are just a few of the best rated bike helmets that may be perfect for you. It may be that you do not like the style of these and prefer other type and there are many top rated helmets to choose from. Just be sure when choosing to pick the type designed for how you ride.

*Looking for safety try the Bontrager Specter Wavecel Road helmet.

*Are you serius at cycling then check out the Giro Aether MIPS helmet.

*Looking for style then check the Nutcase Metroride MIPS for commuters bike helmet.

*Looking for the best helmet for riding the mountains then check out the Giro Montero MIPS.

*For city riding check the Bern Allston helmet.


I have covered several areas in regards to the bicycle helmet and just how important it is. Could be that the helmet you choose may just save you from major injuries to your head so choose wisely and don’t take chances.

Bicycle helmets, along with choosing the perfect one will be a challenge within itself as there are so many factors you must consider when buying. As stated earlier the design, the look, the style all will matter to most everyone because everyone like a sharp nice looking helmet, however the most important thing is safety

This is a lot to think about and you will have similar choices to make choosing the right bicycle. Hope you found this article informative and may you enjoy your bicycling adventure regardless of your sporting activity.

Bobby D. Sandlin


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