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In today’s times it is very important to exercise and stay in shape to help keep your immune system strong where your body will fight off infections. There are many ways in which you can achieve this and bicycling is one of them. If you enjoy trail riding and riding on the road then the Hybrid Bicycles may be the ideal bike for you.

Your body is already designed to help fight off infections while you are young but you must also do your part to help give it an even more boost. This is especially important as you get older as your immune system gets weaker and does not fight off infections as well.

We all must think about our health for sure and yes it is very difficult to make ourselves exercise and stay fit and strong. Well you know that when I was in my prime it was great to get outdoors and stay active, and riding my bike was part of that great fun. Unfortunately that goes away for most of us since family and work come first and time becomes a factor.

I will say though that there are many who have never given up on their exercising activities and work them in with they’re busy schedules, which is awesome.

My Bicycle Experiences Growing Up

You know back in the day when I was a growing up the bicycle type did not cross my mind and I was just tickled to piece one together to have a bike. Yes, you heard that right (piece one together) as I had hand-me-downs given to me that was already worn out.

I guess you could say my cousins and I taught ourselves a lot as we would take two or three and make one that we could ride. Those days sure were a lot of fun and you learn how to do things as you grow which was awesome. We did get a bit inventive at times though and make some funky looking bikes.

I actually bought my first bicycle when I turned 15 and got a summer job and I rode it everywhere. It was my transportation to and from work and anywhere I went. This bicycle was a ten speed, which during that time I think was the highest gear speed you could buy.

As I grew older I still rode this bike to work every day, and when football practice started in the summer I rode it to work and to practice after work. It was a couple of miles to work then 5 miles to practice, then I would practice, and then ride back home so I can for sure say I was in great shape during those days.

Does Bicycle Types Matter?

You know as I think about it today that was a ten speed road bike not intended for trail riding. Did I think about it then? No, in fact I rode it through the woods, trails, and even on rail road tracks. That for sure was one tough bike is all I can say about it now but it was most defiantly not intended for both the road and trail.

Bicycle types do indeed matter and as a child you do not think of the purpose for the bike because it really doesn’t matter as long as you have one. It was a wonder that I did not get hurt during my growing up days but that could be with anyone as we will try anything growing up.

I didn’t know it then but I do now that like with anything there is a purpose for it and sometime we do not use it for the purpose intended.

Now with that said I will focus on a hybrid style bicycle and it purpose which of course is going to be either for trail riding or riding on the road.

Things To Think About Before Buying

Ask yourself these questions; what am I looking for in a bike? Why do I need it or the purpose for it? Where will I be riding it on the streets or off road on trails? Do I plan on riding with others? These are just a few questions and you may think of more but they are things to consider before buying.

I know that if you have been in any sporting good stores you know why I would say this. There are so many types to choose from and can get very confusion. I recommend reviewing the type you think you are looking for before purchasing.

If you ride with other people then you would want to choose a bike like what they ride or similar. You do not want to buy a hybrid bike if you are riding on the streets with others. The same for the street bike because you do not want a street bike to ride on the trails. For sure if you race on mountain trails, or on roads, or racing tracks you actually need a bike designed exactly for that purpose.

There are a wide range of bicycle types and each are designed different along with different styles, weights, suspensions, seats, handle bars, and tires, just to name a few.

The street bike or road bikes are designed for the road for casual riding and some mainly designed for racing and have narrow smooth tires and light weight for speed. The mountain bikes have a heavier frame and wider rigid tires for traction, and have great suspension on front and rear.

If you are looking for the best mountain bike or racing bikes just remember that these are very expensive bikes and unless you are actually using it for racing then there are cheaper bikes to choose from.

Hybrid Bicycles

The hybrid may just be the perfect bicycle for you are anyone riding with you as it is designed for on and off road. This type bike is also great for beginners and children as there are several sizes to choose from.

Just remember that with the hybrid bike you will lose some of the speed that a street bike has. You still need to be careful on the type trails you will be riding on. The reason is that the hybrid is not designed for the rough rugged trails like the moutain bike.

The hybrid does come with great suspension like the mountain bike, and the tires are smoother and a little narrower than the mountain bike but wider than the street bike.

The hybrid bikes are designed with stability, upright seating, light weight, great suspension, and straight handle bars to make your ride even more comfortable. it is also great for cyclist and casual riders, ideal for commuters and for children. You also have the capability to mount racks and bags for carrying supplies if needed.

These bikes are less expensive than the mountain and street racing bikes and will vary in prices. However, if you are considering a hybrid then one of the top brands to look at would be the Trek gravity FSX 1.0 dual full suspension mountain bike. This brand bike is rated as one of the top in the world for their mountain and road bikes, and there hybrid has a lot of the same features as the mountain bike and also rated as one of the best.


In this article I have brought up the importance of staying in shape and keeping your immune system built up to help fight off infections. There are many ways in which you can maintain a good health body but in this article I decided I would focus somewhat on bicycles and mainly the hybrid bicycle.

There are people all over the world that ride bikes and much more that do not than what do. It would be great if we all took a little time and did some type of exercise to stat fit.

As for the bicycle type there are many more designs other than the mountain bike, road bike, and hybrid bike but they all appear to be similar in many areas.

The reason I chose to talk a little more about the hybrid is that it is designed for both on an off road. It is great for causal riding, group riding, riding regular trails off road (not rugged mountain bike trails), and also great for riding on streets. This is an ideal bike for family riding and to keep you physically fit while doing so.

Bobby D. Sandlin


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