Hunting and Fishing Supplies and Preparation

What’s your favorite sport? Are you a person who loves the great outdoors and love to hunt and fish? Do you think back to the time you were growing up and being taught how to hunt and fish?

I often do think back and wish I could turn back time to when I was a child getting to enjoy the great outdoors hunting and fishing, Boy didn’t I have some great times, or at least in my mind I thought I did.


Preparation is the key and you need to always think ahead of the game especially about the “WHAT IF’s”. Always remember that anything can happen at any given time and it is up to you to make sure you have the correct sporting good supplies on hand for your hunting or fishing trip.

Do you have the appropriate apparel and gear regardless of how long you are planning? I was taught as a child growing up, and have always heard this quote. “Always prepare for the worst and hope for the best” because you never know what will come up therefore prepare for the unexpected.

Survival Gear

How is your Physical Condition

In this article I will be focusing on hunting and fishing and how well prepared you are for the outdoor activity.

First and foremost, have you considered just how Physical fit you are prior to going hunting or fishing?

Maybe you are in great shape and involved in many activities and have no physical problems whatsoever and if this is the case then great for you for staying in this condition.

However, if you happen to be like me and not in the best shape then you should factor this into your trip plans. Always take in consideration the “WHAT IF’s before thinking about the trip you are planning?

Could be that the hunting or fishing trip you are planning may not be that involved and may just be a sort period not requiring you to be as fit as a “Marathon Runner”.

Maybe you are planning on taking a long trip for several days and you are going to journey off into the great wilderness then this is a totally different situation and you need to be fully prepared for the trip.

Always remember that you never know what you may encounter or what conditions that may arise during your trip and you may find your life depends on your physical ability.

The Wonders of Hunting

OK, before I jump off into my hunting story I thought I would share a little fact I found.

Did you know that according to (NSSF) that “sportsmen contribute nearly $9.4 million every day, adding more than $3.4 billion every year for conservation”. Another fact is that there are more than 680,000 jobs created from hunting in the United States along. There have been many projects in every state paid by sportsmen from one resource or another and money raised that has provided protection to the environment, fish, and wildlife.

Just think about the monies that could be raised today if there were as many people hunting as there were years back when I was growing up hunting. For years hunting had declined but is back on the rise again.

Thinking back how it was when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s being raised on a farm was very enjoyable just to get to go hunting.

Not only did hunting put food on the table but it allowed me the opportunity to get out into the woods and enjoy the wildlife.

Being raised on a farm brought a lot of work and when given an opportunity to get out and go hunting was great in my eyes, plus it gave me a break from all the hard work.

I may not have grown up where there were great hunting adventures like a lot of people hunting large animals in many states within the US and in other countries but I did love to hunt.

My great hunting adventures was hunting deer, rabbit, squirrel, quail, dove, and sometime fox, beaver, and raccoon but boy wasn’t it great fun.

Not only was hunting a lot of fun but just being able to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors was a lot of fun for me. I could go hunting and not see anything and that was fine too.

Those days have gone and I do not hunt as much today because I am much older but when I do it is still enjoyable.

The Joy of Fishing

Now let me jump into the great adventures of fishing. My question to you is, do you or did you every enjoy a fishing trip? What’s your story of a great fishing trip? For me I have many but will restrict myself somewhat and focus on a few.

For the most part of my life I went fresh water fishing in ponds, creeks, lakes, and rivers and loved every minute of it. As a child getting to go fishing was filled with joy especially when catching the fish, loved that fight with the large fish. During my early days I did most of my fishing trips fishing from the banks but that changed as I grew up.

In the late 70s through the 80s I had bought a bass boat and started a lot of bass fishing. I also did a lot of walleye pike fishing, Cat fishing, and Crappie fishing. I had got so involved in fishing that I was on a lake somewhere about every weekend. During the heat of the summer I would fish at night but did slow down during the winter as I am not much for fishing while freezing.

Unexpected Situation tends to change people’s perspective in life which was the case for me. I went through problems in life which lead me to having to go to college and get a degree and change my carrier in life. Now I am much older and still go on hunting and fishing trips when I can just to get away from the daily rat race of work. I usually just sit on the bank and throw my bait out in the lake and lay back not really caring if I get a bit or not. Just the enjoyment of the outdoors is enough on it’s own.


I covered several area’s talking about the adventures of hunting and fishing along with the importance of being in good physical condition for these events. As we all know it is very important for sure to be in good physical condition before starting off on a great hunting or fishing event. Everyone that loves the great outdoors with hunting and fishing know just how important it is to be prepared. No one wants to get off on a trip and not be prepared especially if great fun turns to great disaster.

You don’t want to get off on any adventure and realize that you did not get all the supplies you need to enjoy yourself. This is the reason preparation is the key. Make a list of all items that you will need from first aid supplies, hunting supplies, and fishing supplies.

Regardless of the adventure you should have the proper hunting and fishing apparel and gear for the trip and you should have the correct equipment for either sport. You don’t want to go hunting without the gun and shells, and you don’t won’t to go fishing without the rod and reel and bait, do you? My suggestion is to be prepared regardless the sport.

Bobby D. Sandlin


2 thoughts on “Hunting and Fishing Supplies and Preparation”

  1. Great post!
    I love fishing and I am so lucky to live near Saltstraumen (in Norway) One of the largest ocean currents in the world. I love fishing there. Always Big fish.
    And It is important to have good equipment there. Equipment is a must.
    It is a very unique experience every time.

  2. I really do miss hunting and fishing, but I still love both of them and reading articles like yours is so comforting to me. I had to give up both of these passions due to health issues, but they still are very alive inside of me and will be for as long as I am breathing I am sure.


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