My Childhood Life and Family Fun

Have you ever thought about your childhood life growing up and family fun? Well, there are many times I think about it and I had a lot of fun with my brothers and sisters growing up because we could always find something to do. The same goes for when I was raising my children where we had a lot of fun playing games inside or outside or going on adventures.

Naturally you can play games at home with family and never go anywhere. When the weather is bad and you are not able to get outdoors, then there are many games available to enjoy as a family getting together indoors.

There are many games available for outdoors so get out as often as possible and play different games with your family. If possible get out in the great outdoors and have adventures such as bicycling or hiking.

Local parks are another option and you can enjoy swings, monkey bars, slides, and anything else that may be available to you such as walking and getting exercise.

Have you thought about going on adventures with your family going on camping trips, hunting trips, or fishing trips? Just think how enjoyable a Vacation would be if you planned to be going on a camping, hunting, and fishing trip all together where you could do whatever you wished each day.

There are many recreational parks that allow camping where you can have fun with any of these sports, plus a lot of these also offer cabins for renting and have swimming areas. Not only do you have the opportunity for the hunting and fishing adventures but you can mix things up and enjoy it all.

Just think about the response you would get from a child if you told them you were taking them on any of these events. I for one would have gotten nothing but big eyes, huge smiles, and a big hug first thing.

Family Fun Indoors At Home

There is nothing more precious than seeing how excited a child or spouse can get when you take time to spend with them. Have you ever thought of just how happy a child or spouse is when you brush them off and never spend time with them?

I am much older today from what I was 40 years ago when I was in my early 20s and I find myself ignoring everyone at times and end up spending a lot of time by myself which is not always good.

I can for sure say that today’s time is a lot different from what it was during the time I was raised and the time when raising my children. Now they are all grown and I do still spend time with them as much as I can but now I spend a lot of time with my grand children.

During the days when I was raising my children we didn’t have money to go do a lot of things as I wished we could have but we still enjoyed playing board games, especially at night, or when it was raining, or when it was too cold to get out.

I can say we had some great times a lot of the time and sometimes not so pleasant. Of course today is a little different and a lot more computerized games, internet, and cell phones that pretty much distracts everyone, me included. This type modernized technology tends to take away from good old fashion family life of getting together for fun as a family.

Family Fun Outdoors At Home

Do you like to get outside and do things around your home? Do you like to get outdoors with your family around your home and play games?

Some of the best times I ever had were when a bunch of my family members would get together and have a good old fashion football game, or a soft ball game out in the pasture on the farm where we had a lot of room to play. I spent a lot of times with brothers, sisters, and my cousins playing some type of sport around the house as we were allowed.

Many times we would get a good tennis game going, or volleyball game, just what ever came to mind, mainly just one big family having fun. Being around family is precious times that no one should take for granted because there is nothing like great family and great fun.

More Fun Adventures Around The Home

Not everyone has the pleasure of growing up on a farm close to creeks and plenty of woods but boy did I, and I have a lot of memories to go with it.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all my time growing up was great fun and pleasant because a lot of it was hard work. You don’t grow up on a farm without being taught about hard work. “Okay” enough of that hard work because its not no fun so let us adventure into the hunting and fishing that I was able to get involved with around the house because that was a lot more fun.

There were plenty of woods to go hunting in for any hunting season around my home. I spent many times in the woods hunting squirrel, rabbits, or quail, or in the fields hunting dove. I also enjoyed going deer hunting with family and friends, or even a trip hunting by myself.

One thing for sure is that I kept plenty of food to eat in the freezer and had a lot of fun with the sport of hunting as well. I for one was brought up to respect hunting, such as being environmentally conscious and don’t waste anything because every animal you shot provided their life for your meal.

Hunting Dangers And Things To Look Out For

One time I do remember that was not so pleasant though and that was a dove hunting trip. A group of my cousins were lined up around a field and you have to look out for the younger children and low flying dove.

I was a distance away from one of my cousins but not far enough and a dove flew between us and he shot at it. Well, the first pellet ahead of the others hit me just above the eye and I turned just in time and the rest hit me in the back. The ones in the back did not bother me because I had enough clothing on to stop them. However, the one that hit me above the eye is still in my eyebrow and has been there for 40 years now. I will say that was probably my last dove hunting trip even though it was an accident.

Fishing The Local Creeks

Now, there was a creek that ran for miles and came real close to our farm where I spent a lot of time. It’s all grown up now because no one fishes these areas anymore like my cousins and I.

My cousins and I kept the banks clean where you could walk for miles fishing for catfish, bream, bass, or whatever else would bite. Sometimes that “whatever else” may be something you didn’t want to catch such as a turtle or snake but that was part of it.

During these times in most cases since we did not have any money we cut our own cane pole and tied string to it and we caught our own bait but it sure was a lot of fun.

Vacation Outdoors Away From Home

Naturally, things were a lot different when I was growing up to when I raised my children. During my time growing up my parents did not get to spend a lot of time with me and my brothers and sisters outdoors. However, when I was raising my children my wife and I both spent a lot of time with our children but of course things were different because we did not live on a farm and have to deal with all the work.

When we were able to take Vacation time away from work we tried to plan it going on camping trips, where we were able to hunt, fish, swim, or anything else we could think of to have fun. I was a lot younger and camping out in tents was a lot of fun then and the kids loved it.

Due to an accident and aging though camping out in tents was not so much fun for me due to the hard ground. As time passed we did start renting cabins if available and I even bought a motor home at one point to make it a little easier.

Most of our family outings were usually at a camp ground or state park where there were amenities which made it a little easier for all the family. It was great times to get off as a family away from work and most all electronics and just enjoy each other and the outdoors.

I will say that not all of it was perfect because there are critters outdoors that don’t make it perfect. Ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, and snakes are not so much fun when you have to deal with them. Spiders and snakes did not bother me that bad as long as I could see them but those ticks and especially mosquitoes I could do without.


Family fun is very important and I have gone over some of my greatest times with my family. Getting to hunt and fish whenever you were free to go was some great times for me and great to get to spend them with my family.

Spending time with my wife and children may have been around home most of the time but it was very enjoyable.

Vacations were really great to get to go places you were not able to go to very often so you really had a lot of fun. You were able to get away from everything, leaving all your worries at home, then rest, relax, and just focus on fun with the family especially getting outdoors.

One should never forget what they have with family because there is nothing more important than spending time with them. Always remember nothing can take the place of your family and your friends so live life to the fullest with your family as often as you possibly can.

Bobby D. Sandlin


Hunting and Fishing Supplies and Preparation

What’s your favorite sport? Are you a person who loves the great outdoors and love to hunt and fish? Do you think back to the time you were growing up and being taught how to hunt and fish?

I often do think back and wish I could turn back time to when I was a child getting to enjoy the great outdoors hunting and fishing, Boy didn’t I have some great times, or at least in my mind I thought I did.


Preparation is the key and you need to always think ahead of the game especially about the “WHAT IF’s”. Always remember that anything can happen at any given time and it is up to you to make sure you have the correct sporting good supplies on hand for your hunting or fishing trip.

Do you have the appropriate apparel and gear regardless of how long you are planning? I was taught as a child growing up, and have always heard this quote. “Always prepare for the worst and hope for the best” because you never know what will come up therefore prepare for the unexpected.

Survival Gear

How is your Physical Condition

In this article I will be focusing on hunting and fishing and how well prepared you are for the outdoor activity.

First and foremost, have you considered just how Physical fit you are prior to going hunting or fishing?

Maybe you are in great shape and involved in many activities and have no physical problems whatsoever and if this is the case then great for you for staying in this condition.

However, if you happen to be like me and not in the best shape then you should factor this into your trip plans. Always take in consideration the “WHAT IF’s before thinking about the trip you are planning?

Could be that the hunting or fishing trip you are planning may not be that involved and may just be a sort period not requiring you to be as fit as a “Marathon Runner”.

Maybe you are planning on taking a long trip for several days and you are going to journey off into the great wilderness then this is a totally different situation and you need to be fully prepared for the trip.

Always remember that you never know what you may encounter or what conditions that may arise during your trip and you may find your life depends on your physical ability.

The Wonders of Hunting

OK, before I jump off into my hunting story I thought I would share a little fact I found.

Did you know that according to (NSSF) that “sportsmen contribute nearly $9.4 million every day, adding more than $3.4 billion every year for conservation”. Another fact is that there are more than 680,000 jobs created from hunting in the United States along. There have been many projects in every state paid by sportsmen from one resource or another and money raised that has provided protection to the environment, fish, and wildlife.

Just think about the monies that could be raised today if there were as many people hunting as there were years back when I was growing up hunting. For years hunting had declined but is back on the rise again.

Thinking back how it was when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s being raised on a farm was very enjoyable just to get to go hunting.

Not only did hunting put food on the table but it allowed me the opportunity to get out into the woods and enjoy the wildlife.

Being raised on a farm brought a lot of work and when given an opportunity to get out and go hunting was great in my eyes, plus it gave me a break from all the hard work.

I may not have grown up where there were great hunting adventures like a lot of people hunting large animals in many states within the US and in other countries but I did love to hunt.

My great hunting adventures was hunting deer, rabbit, squirrel, quail, dove, and sometime fox, beaver, and raccoon but boy wasn’t it great fun.

Not only was hunting a lot of fun but just being able to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors was a lot of fun for me. I could go hunting and not see anything and that was fine too.

Those days have gone and I do not hunt as much today because I am much older but when I do it is still enjoyable.

The Joy of Fishing

Now let me jump into the great adventures of fishing. My question to you is, do you or did you every enjoy a fishing trip? What’s your story of a great fishing trip? For me I have many but will restrict myself somewhat and focus on a few.

For the most part of my life I went fresh water fishing in ponds, creeks, lakes, and rivers and loved every minute of it. As a child getting to go fishing was filled with joy especially when catching the fish, loved that fight with the large fish. During my early days I did most of my fishing trips fishing from the banks but that changed as I grew up.

In the late 70s through the 80s I had bought a bass boat and started a lot of bass fishing. I also did a lot of walleye pike fishing, Cat fishing, and Crappie fishing. I had got so involved in fishing that I was on a lake somewhere about every weekend. During the heat of the summer I would fish at night but did slow down during the winter as I am not much for fishing while freezing.

Unexpected Situation tends to change people’s perspective in life which was the case for me. I went through problems in life which lead me to having to go to college and get a degree and change my carrier in life. Now I am much older and still go on hunting and fishing trips when I can just to get away from the daily rat race of work. I usually just sit on the bank and throw my bait out in the lake and lay back not really caring if I get a bit or not. Just the enjoyment of the outdoors is enough on it’s own.


I covered several area’s talking about the adventures of hunting and fishing along with the importance of being in good physical condition for these events. As we all know it is very important for sure to be in good physical condition before starting off on a great hunting or fishing event. Everyone that loves the great outdoors with hunting and fishing know just how important it is to be prepared. No one wants to get off on a trip and not be prepared especially if great fun turns to great disaster.

You don’t want to get off on any adventure and realize that you did not get all the supplies you need to enjoy yourself. This is the reason preparation is the key. Make a list of all items that you will need from first aid supplies, hunting supplies, and fishing supplies.

Regardless of the adventure you should have the proper hunting and fishing apparel and gear for the trip and you should have the correct equipment for either sport. You don’t want to go hunting without the gun and shells, and you don’t won’t to go fishing without the rod and reel and bait, do you? My suggestion is to be prepared regardless the sport.

Bobby D. Sandlin


About Sporting good Supply

Hello everyone and welcome to my Sporting Good Supply website. What has given me the passion to start this website is the love of the outdoor life along with many sporting activities. Hunting, fishing, and camping for instance are just a few that I love to get involved with myself. Naturally hunting and fishing will help provide food, plus you get to enjoy the activities and also get to enjoy the great outdoors.

As a child growing up I was always going hunting, fishing, and camping with family members. I also enjoyed being very active in other sports as well such as a good old family football game or a baseball game. Keeping active is the idea and regardless of the sport that anyone is into it would be an honor to be able to help provide the supplies needed for the sport.

What Encouraged me to start this Business

I decided to start this business to provide hunting, fishing, camping, and any other sporting gear supplies to anyone who enjoys getting out into the great outdoors and enjoying sporting activities. There is nothing like taking a break from the wild life of work with all the daily demands and stress by getting away from it all and just enjoying nature’s beauty. Stay active making sure you are always physically fit for any sporting event and get outdoors as often as possible and enjoy outdoor life.

My Goal

This website is intended to provide everyone the opportunity to find the supplies needed, or the supplies they are looking for to cover all their sporting needs. My intent is to research the different products and narrow down the search somewhat as it can get quite overwhelming.

To your outdoor adventure.

Bobby D. Sandlin

Founder of Sporting Good Supply