Spring Time Woohoo – Grab Your Fishing Gear

Fishing And Preparation

Here we are already in April and it’s not too late to hit the lakes and rivers. Time to get out that fishing gear and get it in order and make sure new line is added to your reels. Okay, now let’s make it last while we are at it and enjoy it more so grab that camping gear as well and take a few days relaxing and enjoying the trip.

It’s never too late to go fishing and spring is a great time to hit the water as it is warming up and the fish are getting ready to spawn. This is the time of the year where I live in the southern US where the weather is changing and the trees are starting to bloom. As the dogwoods start having blooms then the fish are on the move and will hit about anything you throw at them.

Time To Hit The Water

Regardless the type of fishing you are into this is the time to get your gear and get to the lakes and have a great time. Just think about that large bass parting the water to knock your bait almost out of the water just to get to it, can you picture it? That is a great feeling to have a large fish on the end of your line giving you that fight of your life making you work hard to get it in the boat, or on the bank depending on how you are fishing.

February, March, and April are great times of the year here in the south to pack up and enjoy an outstanding fishing and camping trip, relaxing and getting away for a little while. For sure this is the time that you may hang that big bass, or mop up on those slab crappie, or even load up on the catfish.

What’s Your Fishing Preference

There are several methods in fishing where everyone has their own preferences. For instance, using the bait casting reel, or the spinning reels and both are great and you will have a great time catching fish with either. My question is if you have tried the fly-fishing technique and if so have you ever hung that big fish with one of those? Wow, what a fight you will have on your hands getting a large fish in with your fly-fishing rod and reel.

Nonetheless, everyone needs to escape the everyday battle and rat race of work and get away and enjoy yourself. Be sure to include the family, or a friend and enjoy this adventure together. Besides, if you go by yourself and you catch that big fish and don’t bring it back who is going to believe you caught it?


Spring time brings great fishing experiences for anyone and is a great time to get out and enjoy yourself. This is the time to set aside for getting out and going fishing for bass, crappie, catfish, or about any other type fish in your area. Trees are starting to bloom and fish are starting to spawn.

My suggestion to anyone is that if you love fishing and the great outdoors then spring is the time to have great fun, and it is a great time for camping as well. Just be sure to plan for the trip and make sure the weather is suitable for the trip.

Fish on my friend and enjoy life and the great outdoors!!

Bobby D. Sandlin


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