The Rowing Machine For Awesome Exercise And Great Benefits

Exercise Daily

No one likes to hear this word “EXERCISE”. Why do you think that is? We all know why don’t we? It is called “WORK” and “PAIN” and requires time away from other things you would rather be doing. Who in their right mind would won’t to get involved in hard work and put their body in pain? I for one don’t but I have to keep my physical health in mind and I believe the “Rowing Machine” is the perfect workout machine for me.

Even though it is work and painful when working out we must do some type of exercise to keep us on the go. Sitting around and never exercising is sure not good for anyone. Why do you think that is? You become lazy, a “couch potato”, plus you start eating all the time because you are bored. Okay, now let’s put all this together and the results will be that you become extremely lazy, gain a lot of weight, and become very unhealthy, “NOT GOOD”.

I know that some people have no problems with any type exercise and workout all the time and continue to stay in shape. I know that there are those who could exercise but are too lazy to lift a finger. I know that many people have medical problems that limit them with a lot of exercise so they choose to do none. Then there are a lot of older people that cannot do some exercises due to medical reasons so they choose not to do any.

Rowing Machine

If you are looking for a full body workout then the rowing machine might just be the solution for you. While doing some research I have found one machine that might just be the perfect machine for anyone, which of course would be the “rowing machine”. Some models even suggest that they are almost like being outdoors rowing an actual boat, sound like fun to me.

The rowing machine will provide an idea workout for anyone, and yes it will require work, and yes you will be sore and hurt but you will get better, gain muscle, and get healthier.

You might ask why do I need a rowing machine if I can ride a bicycle, row an actual boat, or work out with other equipment. The answer to that would be if you are able to do all of those then a rowing machine may not be for you. That of course is if you have the time to add all these other exercises in your daily schedule.

You may not have access to a gym with all types of workout equipment. Or you may not have time to get out and ride a bike, or go to a lake and row a boat. Weather is another factor that you have to add into your daily routine which could interrupt your daily scheduled workout.

The rowing machine can be yours in your own home where you could workout at any given time. You don’t have to worry about going to a gym, or the weather, or working it into your schedule other than your home schedule.

Type of Rowing Machines

There are many different types and models of rowing machines on the market that may be better for you than what I suggest below and you will need to take the time and review what may be perfect for your needs. For sure, you are looking for a machine that will provide you with a great workout and help you lose weight, gain muscle, and get in better shape.

Keep in mind that there are fixed models that you can place where you would like for it to stay, then there are those that are folding and you can put away when not using it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different models have different designs. Some are designed to have the resistance from water, flywheel, hydraulic, or magnetic resistance.

There are several top rated models on the market such as the “Hydrow” and the “Nordictrack RW200” but come with a hefty price. Then there are a few others to consider which are the “Concept2 Model D”, “Lifespan fitness RW1000”, and the “Stamina Air Rower”. These models a less in price than the Hydrow and the Nordictract and offer an awesome workout as well.

Rowing Machine Benefits

I know it is a hard choice to make yourself workout and exercise every day, or even every other day but it is very important to make it a habit.

A rowing machine will help you burn calories and lose weight while you enjoy it at the same time. The amount of calories and weight that you would like to lose is totally up to you. You will set your own goal on how many calories you would like to burn and how much weight you would like to lose.

This type workout machine is idea for a Cardiovascular workout. You could walk, run, are do any type of exercise every day for Cardiovascular health, or you could get the same effects with the rowing machine.

Depending on your workout with this machine you can get a full body workout which would be awesome and is part of the burning calories and losing weight process.

This machine also rules out the rough terrain impacts you get from riding a bicycle and running and helps your feet, ankles, legs, knees, and back from all the beatings which is another added benefit.

Over time you will benefit from this machine by build up your strength, build muscle, and stamina.

This machine is idea for most, and great for anyone that has health problems that keep them from other type exercises. You will build your body up to have more strength and overall balance.


For your own benefit it is recommended that you maintain a good health diet and get daily exercise. The rowing machine is the idea exercise that will help you maintain your daily exercises.

If you are concerned about you health you need to give some thought into this type workout and it is designed where most people can use it.

Working out is not easy and it is very difficult to make youself get up and start but once you do and make it a habit every day you will get to where enjoy it.

Consider adding the rowing machine into your daily life and start exercising every day where you can burn calories, lose weight, get a good Cardiovascular workout, build upper and lower body muscle, strength, and endurance.

Stay healthy

Bobby D. Sandlin


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