Why Is Workout Clothing Just As Important As The Workout Itself?

Workout Clothing

What are your thoughts in regard to exercise clothing? The first impression might be that they are too expensive but for the purpose are they? The second might be that sports manufactures developed the workout clothing as a ploy to get people to spend more money.

Well, I guess both are correct and you could think of a lot of reason but in reality, they are designed for a purpose. They are designed specifically for the workout where you can get a great workout by allowing you more flexibility. The exercise clothing is as important as the workout itself.

Type Of Clothing

You would want to pick clothing that is not too tight or too loose. The reason being that as you proceed with your workout the tight clothing would become uncomfortable riding up and sticking to you. Clothing that is too loose would tend to get in the way of your workout and could also get caught on any equipment that you are working out with.

First you should think about the type of workouts you are going to be doing and the area in which you will be working out. If you are going to do your work-out outside then you will need to choose the clothing according to the weather you are working out in. The same would go for inside workouts such as a GYM where the clothing would need to be cooler.

There are many designs and brands of exercise clothing to choose from. Some will fit different than others and you would need to decide the design and brand best for you. Deciding the design styles of each brand and fit is particularly  important in your workout.

You for sure do not want any distractions from clothing keeping you from getting a great workout. You should choose clothing that will help keep you comfortable and keep you dry as possible.

Look for clothing made from material that will dry quickly. Materials such as synthetic and wool are materials that will help keep you cool, dry, and reduce odor. According to MedlinePlus “look for terms like moisture-wicking, Dri-fit, Coolmax, or Supplex” in your selection.

Work Out Location And Fit

The workout location plays a major role in your clothing decisions. If you plan on doing your work-out outdoors, then think about the type clothing you plan on wearing and factor in the weather as well.

You for sure do not want to get out in the heat working out and get to hot because it is extremely dangerous. Also think about the cold weather where you may have to wear warmer clothing to help protect yourself from the cold.

If you are going to do your workout indoors think about the temperature inside and determine what clothing would be best for your exercise. You do not want to over dress as it could affect you work out from getting too hot.

The intensity of your work out will play a huge factor in the clothing you wear regardless of indoors, outdoors, or the temperature of the weather.


Shoes are just as important as the clothing and the type of workout you are planning. There are shoes designed for all sporting events and exercise is no exception. There are shoes for walking, running, yoga, biking, hiking, baseball, soccer and more.

Fit is very important in the shoes you choose and they can make your exercise very unpleasant. Plus, the wrong size fit can create you other problems such as feet, ankle, legs, knees, and back pain.


As you can see it is very importing in wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes for the exercise. Both play a major role in you exercise and very important that you choose the correct size to support your health.

Naturally the wrong size can be very uncomfortable and limit your workout and can also be unsafe for you and your health.

Bobby D. Sandlin


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